Where are they now?

Civic Engagement invites participants to get to know former students who connected, served and volunteered through the office in the greater Atlanta community during their time at Georgia State. The overarching focus of the honor is to address Goal 4 in the university’s Strategic Plan, be a leader in understanding the complex challenges of cities and developing effective solutions. Students who engage in service learning through the Civic Engagement office have an opportunity to develop a passion to serve and become servant leaders in their communities both nationally and internationally. Getting to know how others have navigated the waters for the greater good during their college experience is inspirational. Current and future students will have the opportunity to experience the impact their service can have in their collegiate life.

Civic Engagement will help broaden the scope and highlight the different careers of students who have engaged in service. Students that participate in community engagement can interlink with professionals and community members for learning and career opportunities. Civic Engagement allows students to connect with alumni to build professional networks and develop soft skill development. Students build a better relationship with their institution by creating stronger relationships with faculty and staff, resulting in a greater academic satisfaction. Service leadership improves graduation rates and increases continuation of service after college. Overall, the Where are they now? page, honors those who have sustained their dedication to service and highlights individuals who have flourished in service leadership by continuing to make a STATEment.