August 2018: Malcham Seals

Civic Engagement would like to honor Malcham Seals as the Volunteer of the Month for August 2018. Malcham is a sophomore at Georgia State majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Philosophy on track to graduate in 2022. Malcham has served through the Civic Engagement office since his freshman year at Georgia State and his merits are based on his involvement with Panther Plunge, Game Day Recycling, Panther Breakaway Alternative Breaks and many others. Malcham has been working with University Housing as a Panther LEAP Mentor in which he specifically serves on-campus housing residents through program facilitation, mentorship and leadership development.

When asked how he believes he has impacted the people and communities he has served:

I serve through my energy, passion, love and interest in making sure that students learn something that can be applied to their everyday life going forward. I strive to lead by example and show others that service can be fun.

Malcham recalls having volunteered since his senior year of high school but was not officially involved in community service until his freshman year at Georgia State. He realized not everyone knows about service, which propels him to spread the word about the benefits and beauties of serving.

It impacts me through opening my eyes to the world around me and allowing me to grow in my cultural competence. Serving also has become an inside effect. It energizes me, and fuels my excitement for continuing to serve.

Malcham has portrayed characteristics of an engaged student that strives to improve and advocate within his own community and other communities through the love of service and volunteering. As both an active participant and board member of the Panther Breakaway program.

Congratulations, Malcham We are thankful for the service and excited to see what the future holds!