September 2018: Alan Matkovic

Civic Engagement is recognizing Alan Matkovic for Volunteer of the Month for September 2018! Alan is a freshman majoring in Exercise Science at Georgia State. He was involved in our Game Day Recycling initiative, a project which seeks to reduce the impact of conventional waste disposal at our home sporting events and increase conservation and conversion of reusable natural objects and resources via recycling efforts. On the day of the Western Michigan vs Georgia State University home football games, Alan helped pick up and sort many reusable waste products primarily from concessions and stands while also encouraging our game attendees to recycle during and after the game.

This was my first time volunteering for something like this, but I plan on volunteering many more times over the next year years.

~ Alan, in relation to the event

Through volunteer involvement, our office strives to expose our students to the experiential and reciprocal nature that service produces within engaged participants. With students like Alan, our office aspires to instill a new sense of conscientiousness towards service and, with additional volunteer involvement, bring about a new sense of invested community engagement.

I have learned that helping the community not only helps others and makes the world a better place, but it also makes you feel good about yourself. If volunteering opportunities come up, you should take them because giving up a little bit of your free time will go a long way.

~ Alan, when asked how he believes his involvement has impacted him personally

Congratulations, Alan! We are thankful for your service and excited to see you volunteer in the future at other events and initiatives we intend to host in future!