Volunteer of the Month

Join Civic Engagement in congratulating our Volunteer of the Month for going above and beyond serving the community and making a difference in the lives of others. The primary focus of this honor is to address Goal 4 in the university’s Strategic Plan, be a leader in understanding the complex challenges of cities and developing effective solutions.

Each month, a student is selected for their hard work and dedication to serving. Additionally, the student is evaluated by their contributions to our school and campus community. The selected student has demonstrated a direct connection to being a servant leader and being a positive role model for other students.

Through the participation in service learning activities, students will be able to articulate skills and characteristics relating to personal and professional growth while also highlighting the importance of teamwork.

Students that receive this honor will hopefully experience the following:

  • Improve problem solving and critical thinking
  • Knowledge to apply real world experience to complex situations
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Career development opportunities by networking with professionals and community members
  • Greater sense of assurance to get involved with service after graduation
  • Stimulate a sense of involvement that will produce higher retention rates
  • Empower to seek meaningful social change at Georgia State, in their community, and the world

Volunteer of the Month honor allows Civic Engagement to broadcast students’ outstanding work in the greater Atlanta community.