Panther Community Plunge

Panther Community Plunge

The Panther Community Plunge is Civic Engagement’s first large-scale day of service of the academic year that introduces first year and returning students at Georgia State University to the numerous social issues faced by Atlanta communities. During Panther Welcome Week, student volunteers and staff leaders participate in service projects dealing with a variety of issues from the environment to homelessness.

Civic Engagement looks forward to having students join the next Panther Community Plunge in September 2019.

Last year, the downtown and greater Atlanta area projects included:

Service Tips:
All volunteers should wear comfortable clothes they do not mind getting dirty and closed toed shoes. Volunteers are encouraged to bring water bottles and snacks for later in the day as well as sunscreen and bug spray for those participating in outdoor projects.

Contact Civic Engagement at 404-413-1550 with any questions.