Panther Community Plunge

Panther Community Plunge

The Panther Community Plunge is Civic Engagement’s first large-scale day of service of the academic year that introduces first-year and returning students at Georgia State University to the numerous social issues faced by Atlanta communities. During Panther Welcome Week, student volunteers and staff leaders participate in service projects dealing with a variety of issues from the environment to homelessness.

Student Civic Engagement looks forward to having students join the next Panther Community Plunge on Saturday, August 29, 2020, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Volunteer Locations

A.G. Rhodes Senior Facility Card/Letter Writing

Brief Project Description: We’re collecting cards and mailing these to elders in senior communities across the globe with whom we’ve connected. Take a few minutes, sit down, and write a letter to an elder (a stranger). Tell them about yourself, maybe say a joke or a riddle and let them know that they are loved. It might feel difficult at first to be writing to someone you don’t know. Our advice: just pretend like it’s a conversation! What kinds of things would you want to talk about to a stranger? Please note that we do not accept emailed or typed letters.

Volunteer Slots: 50-100 (virtual volunteer opportunity)

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Keep North Fulton Beautiful

Brief Project Description: Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by decreasing the need for “conventional” waste disposal and lowering greenhouse gas emissions compared to plastic production. The overarching goal of this project is to conserve natural resources by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, along with reducing the impact on the environment around the Georgia State Community.
Activity: Assist customers with their recyclable materials, check-in customers with appointments, and bale cardboard.

Volunteer Slots: 10 (In-person volunteer opportunity)

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Open Hand Atlanta

Brief Project Description: Open Hand is passionate about building a healthier community. Through people-centered services and partnerships, we create access to healthy meals and nutrition education, empowering our clients and the community to achieve personal goals for health and wellness.

Volunteer Slots: 5 (In-person volunteer opportunity)

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Safe House Outreach

Brief Project Description: Safehouse is an organization aimed to help transition people from homelessness to a point of stability and independent living. Students who support this service opportunity will engage their population along with prep/prepare/serve food to the population they serve.

Volunteer Slots: 20 (In-person volunteer opportunity)

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Tree Care Project in Thomasville Heights

Brief Project Description: Make a difference in our community by caring for young street trees. Activities include weeding and refreshing the mulch around trees in the Thomasville Heights neighborhood.

Volunteer Slots: 10 (In-person volunteer opportunity)

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Truly Living Well

Brief Project Description: Volunteer groups work in teams to assist with basic farm chores, such as mulching pathways, turning and weeding garden beds, sifting soil, and working the compost. In doing so, group communication and general rapport are improved, while being outdoors reduces stress and makes for an enjoyable experience.
Activity: Weeding and cultivating beds, Filling raised beds with soil, planting of seedlings and watering, Mulch designated areas with wood chips, Processing compost, Harvesting, processing produce, Light landscaping, and other projects as needed.

Volunteer Slots: 10 (In-person volunteer opportunity)

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Service Tips

All volunteers should wear comfortable clothes they do not mind getting dirty and closed-toed shoes. Volunteers are encouraged to bring water bottles and snacks for later in the day as well as sunscreen and bug spray for those participating in outdoor projects.

Email Student Civic Engagement or call us at 404-413-1550 with any questions.