About Us

Through volunteerism, community service and service learning assistance, Civic Engagement supports community initiatives and leadership opportunities giving students, faculty and staff the ability to serve their communities. Civic Engagement collaborates with many Atlanta area nonprofits within the city’s diverse, community service sector, as well as campus organizations and programs providing students a variety of service opportunities.

Civic Engagement serves as a clearinghouse and think tank for outreach programs in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Feel free to visit Civic Engagement in Student Center East, Suite 304, or call at 404-413-1550.

Mission Statement
Civic Engagement promotes and encourages community service and service learning opportunities, while enhancing student learning, advancing community development and responding to societal issues and concerns.


  • Encourages community engagement while raising awareness of social justice issues.
  • Facilitates opportunities for students’ personal and professional development through community engagement.
  • Creates a culture of service at the institutional and individual levels.
  • Provides a valuable, on-campus community engagement resource.
  • Coordinates the community service component of the work study program with local nonprofits that provide meaningful career exploration opportunities for students.
  • Creates service initiatives for first time participants to help them understand the multiple contributors that are needed to address social issues.
  • Creates service initiatives for ongoing participants to develop skills and characteristics related to their personal and professional growth.
  • Broadens student engagement by reaching out to underrepresented populations.
  • Connects students with opportunities to build tolerance and understanding of people from different backgrounds.
  • Develops opportunities for students to build skill sets relevant to the Georgia 17 Career Clusters. Georgia’s 17 Career Clusters allow students to choose an area of interest and understand the relevance of what they are learning in the classroom.