Panther Breakaway International 2016

Posted On October 16, 2015
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Panther Breakaway, a Georgia State University student organization advised by Civic Engagement, will be leading a service trip to Costa Rica during the 2016 spring break as part of their international service initiative.

Last year, a group of eight students and two staff from Georgia State visited the El Guayabo primary school in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. The staff and students helped build a greenhouse for the school to grow food for the students of the El Guayabo primary school.

Georgia State students shared in a rewarding and humbling experience while serving the community. So often we take for granted the access to resources that we have in the United States.

Traveling across the sea to help the children of Santa Cruz gain easier access to fresh food made us better appreciate our own situations. We are excited to return with a new group of students and help enrich the children’s lives, however possible.

~ Lovell Lemons, Civic Engagement Director and Project Lead

This year, Panther Breakaway will be leading a twelve person trip to the same school to continue working on the greenhouse or help build a new playground for the schoolchildren and provide English language classroom instruction.

Panther Breakaway domestic service trips will address the topics of urban education, sex trafficking, race relations, food insecurity, environmental issues and other social concerns during this year’s winter and spring breaks.

Scholarships are available to students who would like to participate but do not have enough financial resources to cover trip costs.

For additional information on how to apply, visit Civic Engagement, Student Center West, Suite 475 or Panther Breakaway International on the website. Students interested in the international trip to Costa Rica must complete the application process by the November 9, 2015 deadline to be considered for this trip.