Civic Engagement has named Juan Galvis the Student of the Month for the month of November. Juan is a senior at GSU majoring in Neuroscience. He demonstrates leadership, perseverance and commitment through his volunteer positions.

Juan currently volunteers every week at Grady Hospital. He helps the Neurology Department with daily tasks and tries to bring a smile to the patients in the Neurology Department. Volunteering has taught Juan that a lot of people go through hard moments, but initiating conversations that bring smiles can go a long way. The staff and volunteers at Grady have enhanced Juan’s spirit of optimism and encourage him to follow his dreams. He aspires to be a doctor and considers his volunteer experience at Grady to be invaluable.

Currently, Juan is a part of the GSU Student Government Association. He is a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences and serves on the Communication Committee. Juan is also a brother of the La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. and an active member of Latin American Student Association. When Juan is not volunteering at GSU or Grady Hospital, he enjoys volunteering with the Latin-American Association on notable events like the Latin Fever Ball and the Latino Youth Leadership Conference.

Juan was born in Bogota, Colombia and immigrated to the US at the age of seven. He currently lives in Downtown Atlanta and loves what the amazing wonders the city has to offer! Juan’s dream is to one day be a neurosurgeon.  When asked for general advice, Juan answered: “College is an amazing place that can offer anyone three things: Scholarship, Networking, and Self-development. Enhance all three of these areas to get the most of what you put in.”

There is no doubt that Juan has made GSU a better place and his legacy of servant leadership will continue to inspire others to serve. Congratulations, Juan! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.